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3 PC / BOX 



  • 26-Hole Precision Design Indoor: The PrecisionStrike features a specialized 26-hole pattern, strategically engineered to enhance control and spin. Each hole contributes to the paddle's unique responsiveness, providing players with a distinctive edge in executing precise shots
  • SpinMax Surface: The SpinMax Surface technology maximizes spin potential, creating opportunities for strategic shot placement. Confuse opponents with unpredictable spins, making every rally an exciting showcase of your skills.
  • UltraLight Construction: The UltraLight Construction ensures the racket remains maneuverable without sacrificing stability. Enjoy the perfect balance between lightweight agility and a solid striking surface, empowering you to dominate the court with precision.
  • SpinEnhance Surface: The SpinEnhance Surface technology amplifies spin potential, giving players the tools to create unpredictable spins and strategic shot variations. Whether you're executing a spin serve or a crafty drop shot, this paddle is your spin-mastering companion


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