Forza Power 988 M | Badminton Racquet | KIBI Sports

Forza Power 988 M | Badminton Racquet | KIBI Sports

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This Forza badminton racquet has a medium flex shaft & a head heavy balance. Designed for players wanting the top of the range rackets but need a little more help generating power with a more flexible shaft.The 2016 version of the FZ Forza Power 988 M Badminton Racquet, features the 88 hole string pattern system. This enables good feel and power, the titanium reinforced head helps with the ultimate accuracy while the kevlar shaft helps to deliver awesome power. The medium flex frame help to generate more power from the back of the court as well as the head heavy balance to help make your smashes a clean winner.





WEIGHT: 87gm

Composition: Kevlar & Titanium

BALANCE: 295 (head heavy)

FLEX: Medium

PLAYER TYPE: Offensive

Lenght: 675mm

Power: 9/10

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