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Forza Leander shoes Men | KIBI Sports

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  • š—-š“šžšœš”: The ankle is exposed for twisting in the many sideways motions in Badminton. A twist in the ankle is one of the most common injuries in badminton, but with the evolutionary FZ FORZA X-Technology the stability of the ankle is increased which prevent/reduce the twisting of the ankle.
  • š‹š€š“: The Lateral stability technology enhances the durability of the shoe and the lateral stability of the forefoot during intense and rapid transfer of direction. Lateral stability is important in a badminton shoe when moving quickly around on court from side to side.
  • šƒš‘š˜š‹š„š—: Consists of special mesh layer and holes in the shoe that provides excellent breathability for the feet. Dryflex helps transporting moisture away from your feet to keep them dry and comfortable
  • š…š™šØš«š›: FZorb is the fantastic material for shock absorption. By molding the FZorb into the heel area if the sole, decreases the many hard shocks that player's feet are exposed during the game, as well as providing increased comfort for the player
  • š…š™šØš§šž: Our FZone Grip ensures excellent grip with the court which supports the slip resistant

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