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A2 ZENITH English Willow Cricket Bat | Cricket | KIBI Sports

A2 ZENITH English Willow Cricket Bat | Cricket | KIBI Sports

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Zenith, as the name suggests is made from the top 10% of our grade 1 Salix Alba clefts. Zenith has been designed carefully taking the tradition profile as a base, and giving it a modern update. The willow is carefully hand selected by our master bat-maker, and crafted into the most imposing shapes. Oversized spine swell and minimal concaving are highlighted in this modern take to a traditional cricket bat, making for our flagship model. The resultant cricket bat offers unrivalled pick-up and a devastating amount of hitting power. The Zenith is finished to perfection, with a lustre very few brands can claim to achieve. Adorned with simplistic branding, it adorns the beauty of the willow its carved from, making it truly limited, premium product to acquire.


  • Player's Grade Willow.
  • Semi-flat face.
  • Thick edges.
  • Balanced weight distribution.
  • Traditional duckbill profile.
  • Minimal concaving.
  • Extended sweet spot.
  • Unique clear toe protection.
  • Padded Bat Case