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A2 CORONET English Willow Cricket Bat | Cricket | KIBI Sports

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The finest Grade 1 English willow is handpicked to create our iconic Coronet Range of bats. The original A2 Coronet has been revised for 2018 and features an enhanced duck-bill profile. Each piece of willow is carved by hand, offering the most popular shape in the recent years, generating feather-lite pickup. The designed profiles have minimum scalloping, adding to the powerful rebound from the entire face of the bat. Individual checks in our triple pressing procedure ensures that each Coronet performs like a professional bat. These sublime pieces of willow are finished by hand and their edges rounded to obtain a truly exquisite work of craft. The translucent stickers are matched with a camouflage grip, making a bat like no other in the market. All coronets are protected against moisture by a clear solution, allowing the ruler straight grains to beautifully run across the toe.


  • Premium Grade 2 Willow.
  • Semi-rounded face
  • Thick edges.
  • Feather-lite pickup.
  • High extended spine.
  • Minimal concaving.
  • Duck-bill profile.
  • Enhanced sweet spot.
  • Unique clear toe protection.
  • Padded Bat Cover

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